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Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra (Elisra ) develops, manufactures, and supplies comprehensive solutions in the electromagnetic spectrum domain, including electronic warfare (EW), spectrum control, communications, and Signal Intelligence. As a pioneer in the field, Elisra is a primary source of EW suites for the Israel Air Force and for many other Air Forces around the world ‒ integrating Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), Laser Warning Systems (LWS), IR Missile Warning Systems (MWS), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and chaff/flare. Elisra’s EW systems are installed in over 30 types of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft of both Western and Eastern origin and can be found in numerous countries across five continents.
Our vertically integrated operations cover a wide variety of technological expertise, including advanced transmitters, highly developed receivers, cutting-edge signal processors, innovative antennas, sophisticated software, and human-machine interface capabilities. Our microwave-based solutions have been activated for land, air and naval self-protection; strategic command and control; radar solutions; data and video links for unmanned platforms; search and rescue systems; as well as tactical intelligence, video and telemetry systems.
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